As part of providing a total solution for all business requirements, BJ Communications also encompasses electrical and minor construction works required to keep your business operating as professionally and efficiently as possible.


Small office, large office or warehouse, BJ communications can install all of your power and lighting needs, with our staff of qualified electricians we can cater to any need you may have.


BJ communications can offer you qualified electricians to repair or test your installation.


BJ communications can test and tag all your appliances on a regular basis ensuring your equipment complies with all regulations, contact one of our staff to discuss your needs.


Exit and emergency lighting should be regularly checked and tested to ensure they comply with regulations. In certain office environments lighting needs to be maintained at specific levels to meet OH&S requirements, B J communications can on a regular basis visit your site and check and change your lights.


With the increase of electrical appliances and computers in the modern office an electrical surge can be very costly, B J communications can asses and install the latest in protection devices in your premises saving you down time and expensive replacement costs or insurance claims.


Offices today are becoming increasingly reliant on computers to perform essential tasks. In turn computers are reliant on power, that's where an UPS comes in. A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply that in the event of a power outage maintains the power to your essential equipment. BJ communications in association with Alpha energy can provide you with a back up source of power for 1 computer or your whole installation and anything in between.


What is harmonics? Put simply, harmonics is the distortion of the power wave form supplied from the supply authority, which should be a constant 50hz. Harmonics are like an echo and as it comes back it alters the power from what is expected to a different voltage or current. This altered power can then adversely effect your essential equipment. The most common causes of harmonics are mainly lighting (fluorescent and discharge types) and power converting devices (computers and the like). Ironically equipment that is sensitive to harmonics actually is one of the major causes of the phenomenon. Harmonics reduces the service life of equipment, increases power consumption and in turn running cost to your business. The effects and causes of harmonics require specialised equipment to track and locate. BJ communications can assess and advise you on your options for overcoming this problem.


BJ communications electricians can install all you 3 phase power needs. Industrial or commercial premises have a wide range of uses for 3 phase power, talk to one of our experienced staff and let us assist you with your installation requirements.

For more information on any of our electrical services please contact us on our toll free number 1300 305 592, email us at sales@bjcom.com.au or fill out a Service Request form.

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