KIRK DECT solutions - A modular solution bridging the gap in the wireless market

There is always a new and larger telephone bill. Outdated telephones that must be replaced. The telephone technician is a frequent guest, trying to sort out extension numbers and telephone plugs. Not to mention the wiring. The IT department wants to integrate the telephone system with the company data network. The office is a mess of wires and cables...

Does this sound familiar? If so, a DECT wireless communication solution will help you unwire and unwind.


KIRK products are renowned worldwide for their unique quality and functionality. More than a century of experience in creating and refining voice communication products secures the exceptional voice quality in a KIRK wireless product. KIRK quality secures calls free of echo, breaks and other noise. Seamless handover between base stations assures staff members the possibility to move around without losing a call - employees are no longer tied (wired) to a desk or machine, but are free to move around and optimise working procedures. Staff members can help out colleagues and still be accessible.

Since people can be contacted directly, there will be no more interrupting loudspeaker paging - a change that everyone will appreciate. With fewer interruptions the overall working climate is improved. With everybody being accessible, problems can be solved when they arise. Immediate answers are given, production stops are avoided and focus is maintained.

KIRK wireless solutions integrate with most existing call handlers and add the wireless dimension to an existing telephone installation.

They are created by modules, allowing for flexibility in relation to coverage, voice traffic and number of users. It can also be expanded according to specific needs.


KIRK 500

The KIRK System 500 is a wireless telephone system for enterprises and organisations with up to eight wireless users.

Cordless telephone systems are the key to extra freedom at work. The KIRK 500 DECT cordless adjunct system offers a simple, flexible and cost-effective cordless solution to mid-sized sites. By providing any phone system with up to eight cordless extensions, the KIRK system delivers full site coverage via a central base station and up to six cordless repeaters.


KIRK 1500

The KIRK System 1500 is a wireless telephone system for medium to large enterprises and organisations, with a choice of analogue, ISDN or IP interface.

Attaching directly to any phone system, the KIRK 1500 provides cordless extensions on medium to large sites. Supporting up to 128 cordless users ensures there is plenty of capacity. The system improves responsiveness and customer service, controls communication costs and increases mobility around the workplace. Providing not only voice telephony, the KIRK 1500 also supports text messaging to the handset, integrating with applications such as paging, Nursecall, LAN messaging, duress call and alarm monitoring.

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