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AT21 Analogue Phone

Expand the reach of your NEC Xen and NEAX system with an affordable and reliable AT 21 analogue phone solution. Perfect for areas of your business that don’t require the power and features of a digital multiline phone, the AT21 analogue phone provides a simple, high quality solution for areas such as corridors, lobbies and warehouses. And with a dedicated data jack for connecting a computer with a modem, it’s an ideal choice for hotel guest rooms.

Affordable, Reliable, Quality

With a host of basic system features including voicemail, paging and transfer to name a few, the AT21 provides your business with an ideal solution to keep low traffic areas connected with affordable, reliable, quality.

The AT21 analogue phone is built for plug-and play integration with any member of the Xen or NEAX families of communication systems - the NEAX 2400 IPX, the NEAX 2000 IPS, and Xen system series.

AT35 Analogue Phone

A hard working versatile solution, the AT35 provides simple feature access with CID in a cost effective, streamlined package. The AT35 is an ideal alternative to a multiline digital phone when feature access is required at a lower cost.

One Touch Simplicity

Access to frequently dialed numbers and features is made simple through 15 one touch memory keys, while a two way speakerphone is ideal for those areas of the business that require a hands on approach. With a built in message waiting indicator and parallel connection for modem and fax, the AT35 provides a perfect solution for hotel guest rooms and conference centres.

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