With the speed an intensity of business constantly on the rise, just keeping up with your competitors is hard enough.To grow and become more profitable, you need to find ways to get more done in less time. The key to meeting this challenge is more effective communication between your staff, customers and partners.

No matter how good your products or services are, your success is ultimately determined by how well you look after you customers. Xen Topaz gives you the features you need to present an efficient, polished service to your customers. You can start small and build your system up to 24 extensions with nine PTSN and / or eight ISDN lines. NEC provides a comprehensive range of Xen Topaz Handsets giving users friendly access to the full breadth of features available.

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The Xen Topaz communication system provides over 150 features specifically designed to address the diverse communication needs of the small business market. In addition to the basic key and PBX system features, the Xen Topaz delivers the following capabilities:

  • Modular Growth - You can increase the capacity and performance of your investment as your business needs dictate. When the time comes for increasing capacity you can easily do so with a simoke upgrade.
  • Automated attendant - The automated attendant answers incoming calls and automatically transfers the calls to the relevant extension based on keypad entries made by the caller.
  • Integrated digital voicemail - Missed calls and uncollected messages become a thing of the past, enabling your business process to improve and with it your productivity and levels of customer service.
  • Calling line Identification - By identifying priority callers, your business can ensure that you handle your most important communications efficiently and appropriately every time.
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS) - You can save on call costs as the Xen Topaz can take advantage of competitive call rates from different service providers.
  • Distinctive ringing - Quickly distinguish between internal and external calls and answer the call appropriately.
  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) - The Xen Topaz fully supports digital carrier services for improved call clarity and access to many enhanced communications functions.
  • Stylish handsets - Xen Topaz offers a choice of four stylish handsets. You can choose between simple, cost effective non-display or feature-rich display handsets. 64-button Direct Line Select consoles are also available for operator positions.

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