In today's business world, every advantage is crucial. Your technology needs to do more, cost less, and most importantly, it needs to be flexible. With this in mind, NEC Business Solutions has designed the Univerge NEAX 2400 IPX: it's most advanced NEAX yet.

With modular units that allow easy expansion to more than 24,000 ports, and with a robust structure that can handle anything you throw at it, the Univerge NEAX 2400 IPX is a leading business communications solution. The system is enhanced to accomodate the widest possible variety of terminals and services including VoIP, SIP and Wireless LAN.

The Univerge NEAX 2400 IPX system still supports all of your traditional serviced and handsets. You can choose a mixture of trditional handsets, services and IP, or run it as a full IP peer-to-peer switch. Whichever option you select, you'll enjoy full access to all of the NEAX systems hundreds of service features.

Whether your business has remote offices, contact centres, or simply handles high volumes of telephone calls, the Univerge NEAX 2400 IPX is the efficient, cost-effective, reliable solution.


  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Common Channel Interoffice Signalling (CCIS) and Fusion Call Control Signalling (FCCS)
  • Efficient Network Usage
  • Dterm IP Health Check Function
  • Traffic Measurement
  • Bandwitdth Control
  • Facsimile IP control


Take advantage of all the benefits of peer-to-peer IP Telephony for your mid-sized or branch office with the NEAX2000 IPS (Internet Protocol Server) while enjoying the many hundreds of PBX features you've come to expect from NEC.

The NEAX2000 IPS functions as a standalone telephony system supporting both IP and traditional circuit switched connectivity. As such, it can support up to 512 stations and 240 digital trunks. Yet it can also be networked with full feature transparency into a system with other NEC telephony devices such as the NEAX2000IVS2, the NEAX2400 IPX and, of course, other NEAX2000 IPS units. In this case, the NEAX2000 IPS supports node-to-node peer-to-peer connectivity. Up to 255 NEAX2000 IPS nodes can be networked together.

The NEAX2000 IPS offers the full range of PBX features while utilizing less equipment and occupying less floor space than a traditional PBX. Additionally, NEC's broad range of IP phone sets all have a multi-port switch built in, thereby enabling onecable termination to the desktop. Furthermore, with NEC's migration strategy, you can switch to IP Telephony now or in the future while protecting your investment.


  • Full complement of over 700 traditional NEC PBX features
  • Intra-nodal (LAN) and internodal (WAN) peer-topeer IP connectivity
  • Upgradeable from all prior versions of NEAX7400ICS M100MX/NEAX2000
  • Supports legacy TDM for digital and analogtelephony
  • Full-featured node-to-node CCIS inter-networking
  • Supports full range of NEC IP telephone sets


With the Univerge NEAX IPS-DM system, NEC delivers a comprehensive, cost effective solution designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses and enterprised networks. The product offers a robust set of PBX features with enriched voice communication and unique IP-based telephony features. These enhanced services grant uses asscess to options that can increase productivity, reduce opertating costs and improve overall communications efficiency.

Designed as a complement to NEC's Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS family, the Univerge NEAX IPS-DM supports all the same features and functionality of the Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS, providing voice communication services and features not commonly found in many of today's IP-based telephone systems. It is designed primarily for IP networking but also supports traditional analogue and digital trunks for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The Univerge NEAX IPS-DM supports up to 956 Peer-to-peer IP stations and legacy TDM ports in a single modular chassis. Up to three chassis can be stacked providing maximum capacity of 120 legacy TDM ports while still supporting as many as 828 peer-to-peer IP stations. Utilising the same CPU, line/trunk cards, application processor cards and software as the Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS, the Univerge NEAX IPS-DM also comes equipped for 19inch rack mounting and offers superior port density; each chassis only occupies two rack units (2RU).Geographically sparse branch offices can also benefit by linking back to the central office with the Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS-DMR.


  • Network Integration
  • Peer-to-peer IP CCIS (Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling)
  • Advanced Networking Capabilities
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Integrated voicemail
  • Tenant Service
  • Call Forwarding to Anywhere
  • Integrated Contact Centre
  • Operator Console
  • Voice Announcements

IPS 2000 DM


The Univerge NEAX IPS-DMR is designed as an IP Remote Site Survivable (platform independant model) offering for NEC's Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS product family.

When connecting to the host Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS or Univerge IPS-DM the Univerge NEAX IPS-DMR provides PBX feature transparency for remote location networking over IP while offering a robust survivability solution and other features not commonly found in many of our competitor's solutions.

The Univerge NEAX IPS-DMR is designed primarily for distributed IP networking but also supports traditional analogue and digital trunks for connection to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The Univerge IPS-DMR supports up to 128 peer-to-peer IP stations and 40 TDM ports in a single modular chassis. Uo to two chassis can be stacked providing maximum capacity of 80 TDM ports while still supporting as many as 128 peer-to-peer IP stations. With current software, each host can accomodate up to 15 Univerge NEAX IPS-DMRs.

The Univerge NEAX IPS-DMR was designed to minimise hardware requirements by utilising the same line/trunk cards and application processor cards as the Univerge NEAX 2000 IPS and NEAX IPS-DM. Offering superior port density, the Univerge NEAX IPS-DMR includes 19 inch rack mounting, and each chassis only occupies two Rack Units. Designed specifically as an IP Remote PIM, the Univerge NEAX IPS-DMR cannot be used as a standalone system.


  • Full-Featured System
  • Network Integration
  • Peer-to-peer IP capabilities
  • Centralised call handling
  • Flexible Line Size
  • Flexible Interface Ports
  • Intelligent Digital Multifunction Terminal TDM or IP

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