For today’s small-to-medium size business’ (SMB), there is simply no place for long call-holding periods, incorrect call routing or lost messages. While organisations seek the right solution to address these issues, they also expect improved efficiency, economy and convenience.

VM8000 InMail is ideal for SMBs wishing to ensure that all callers get to the people and information that they need without prohibitive hold times or dropped calls. It provides digitally-integrated voice messaging capabilities and Automated Attendant features to meet an SMB’s communication needs both now and in the future.


The UM8000-Mail solution is an enhanced, in-skin unified messaging system that delivers abundant message storage, scalable port capacity and all the features you've come to expect from NEC, a leader in voice messaging products. It perfectly exemplifies NEC's UNIVERGE 360 approach by adding elements of Unified Communications into the business and is designed specifically for the SV8000 series communications servers. UM8000-Mail offers a reliable system with a smaller footprint and lower operating cost than other systems.

Features at a glance:

  • In-Skin Unified Messaging for the UNIVERGE® SV8000 Series
  • User-configurable mailbox manager
  • An optional feature package for the hospitality industry
  • Fully-integrated messaging


The SV8000 Series ACD helps facilitate handling high call volumes with a minimum number of resources while reducing caller hold time and distributing call volume evenly amongst employees. Benefits include:

  • Advanced call handling
  • Intelligent customer service
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Valuable information at your fingertips
  • Embedded ACD for the SV8100
  • Real-time desktop interface display
  • Reporting


The SV8000 Series Desktop Suite is for use on the SV8100 Communications Server and combines functionality of three products, PC Assistant, PC Attendant and the SP310 Softphone.

The Desktop Suite's PC Assistant enables workers to get more done in less time by giving them the ability to manage their telephone sets directly from their desktop PCs. With just a few clicks of the mouse users can easily access features such as speed dialling, call management and contact lookup while benefiting from seamless CRM integration. Thanks to the robust networking capabilities of the UNIVERGE SV8100, up to 128 extensions can be networked on a single SV8100 system running Desktop Suite.

The SV8000 Desktop PC Attendant helps improve call management and increase productivity by placing a complete attendant console right on the operator's PC. In many ways, PC Attendant provides the functionality of PC Assistant for operators. It enables operators to work more efficiently by giving them the ability to transfer and manage calls on-screen through a completely intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The operator can perform common user functions such as Transfer, Park and Page with a single mouse click.

With the SP310 Softphone, users can make and receive calls via their PCs. When an incoming call is received, the Softphone automatically launches, and audio is heard through the PC speakers. Users can have confidence that they are not missing calls even while they are not wearing headsets.

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